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most retailers DON'T have a YouTube channel. And that means any retailer with one can get a lot of exposure on YouTube and Google without spending a cent on paid advertising!

Who wants to pay $10-50 a click for front page Google?

Product videos are just one way YouTube can help your business. More importantly it can help reaffirm relationships with your customers by live streaming to them from your store. Virtual sales could easily dwarf walk in sales.


Digital selling has never been more important. Build relationships virtually with buyers. Our experts are thought-leaders in this space and can help you with advice, strategies, production and more.

Phones and Tablets have great HD cameras. Utilize your existing assets and staff to create an engaging, fun and productive experience for customers via Youtube.




We'll help you set up your YouTube channel and we'll create your first five products ABSOLUTELY FREE. Call 0411 389 531 (+61 411 389 531).

If you're looking for better retail results then let us show you how easy it is to get going on YouTube and why you should do it. Especially now in 2020. And quick note, we aren't a YouTube subsiduary, we simply understand what a wonderful marketing platform it is.
For example, visit Google and enter "setup youtube for retail". Take a look at where the Touchpoint video (below) appears.
And the date.

This 3rd place listing cost nothing in advertising fees and was almost instant. 1-2 hours type thing. That's the power of YouTube and it's time to start using it.

This is a fairly targeted title and doesn't have a lot of competition. Enter one of your product names into Google and see:
A) where your site appears
B) how many videos appear on the first page
Adding a video of the product will attract eyeballs.

We understand every spend counts. That's why we're going to show you how you can leverage your existing assets and staff to create a fantastic and profitable YouTube channel for free.

We recommend focusing on using YouTube in two ways. The first being to upload video of your products and the second being to live stream from your shop so customers can buy from a 'real person'. This is vital in today's climate.

People like and remember people. Given a choice between a shopping cart or a real person, what would you choose if stuck at home?



The formula for product listings is simple and powerful.
  1. The product name as title, maybe starting with an adverb (Smooth Bic Cristal Xtra Bold Ballpoint Pen vs Bic Cristal Xtra Bold Ballpoint Pen).
  2. In the description a link to its Buy Now page on the first line (so it's visible in Google searches).
  3. Product info
  4. Links to similar and complimentary products in the description.
Nothing to it.

When people Google the product name, your product stands out because Google features YouTube videos. You also create a matrix of links to products on your site. Upload 5 products p/week x 5 links in product description = lots of product backlinks over time. From two of the worlds most powerful marketing platforms; Google and YouTube.

But it gets better

Through YouTube, Facebook and other platforms you can live stream out of your shop.

With the recent uptick in video facetime this is an excellent opportunity to communicate face to face with customers, especially under the current restrictions.

Facetime has become popular with online tuition and the same software can be used to service customers from your store.

All you need is a computer, software, tablet &/or phone and an internet connection.

Is this a new way of conducting business? You bet it is. However it's simple to action and could deliver fabulous results as well as future-proof your businesss.

In this video we show you how to do it. It's also a first run so you'll see some of the issues that can arise and avoid them. FOOTNOTE: The issue demonstrated in the video below was fixed by changing a hardware acceleration setting in the software.

Live streaming may feel like a foreign object right now however it can revolutionise your business and deliver outstanding results. We encourage you to explore it and we're here to help.




Log in to your Google account and visit YouTube. Create a new channel and name it your Brand and location. If you have several locations create a channel for each location.
5 Products FREE

Take a short (15 second) video of a product on your phone, tablet or camera.

Upload your first 5 product videos, set them to UNLISTED and send us the Youtube url for each video. We'll download and produce these, add titles and upload them to your account here where you can download and upload the finished videos to Youtube as a public listing.

We'll also provide the content to enter for each video. After doing it a couple of times you'll be familiar with the process.
VIDEO Production

We can produce additional product videos and listing content from just $70 a video when you provide the video. We can also organise to shoot your video. Get us to come back with a quote.

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