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At TouchPoint Video we specialise in creating amazing interactive videos. Since 2009 we've created all sorts and if you'd like, we can create one for you.

In fact, as we get the platform established we'll create yours for free in return for being able to showcase it. Get in touch in March 2024 to take up this offer!

After creating a number of interactive videos we reached a point where we decided to create a platform to help us build interactive videos that do all the things we like them to do. And do it quickly.

We realised that while this was great for us it was probably being wasted as we can only create so many videos. Now we've opened the platform up to the public for anyone to use.


If your website videos aren't playing in a player branded for your business, in a player that lets you introduce great offers and more then...

Welcome to TouchPoint Video

Get Visitors Engaged!

Whether you are a full service digital agency or a solo
videographer this platform's designed for you.

Built for B2C Marketing, TouchPoint is a full featured interactive video platform that delivers fun, engaging ways for viewers to interact with your video content.

It's one of the most powerful ways to get customers to respond to a call to action. How? You can make a "buy now" button appear in the video at just the right time so people are most likely to respond to it.

The best part is you can build interactive videos for free or if you don't want to then our specialists can do it for you.

The TouchPoint Video platform has two main elements to it. The player and the interactive features you can add to your video.

The interactive features are explored below but here's a comparison of the TouchPoint player with the YouTube and Vimeo players.

        Players Compared
Logo in player
Logo in controlbar
Branded progressbar
Website communication
Add custom code
Interactive hotspots

So now you can provide your customers
with new exciting options

For starters

Replacing product images with interactive videos
dramatically improves the buyer journey

slow buyer journey
Customer clicks picture

Home > Product page > Add to cart > Checkout
Click play ->

fast buyer journey
Customer plays video

Home > Checkout

It's easy to add a variety of interactive hotspots. These can be buttons, images, masks, text and more. All designed to make your video more enjoyable to watch and interact with.

They call an action you define. An action might be jumping off to an offer, calling a function, moving in the timeline or something else.

Anyone can use TouchPoint. No web or multimedia experience is required but some knowledge of html, css and javascript will allow you to do more. The more you know the more you can do.

That said, we've made it easy. Wizards quickly step you through the setup process.

All you need are the links to
the files you want to use

If you're a marketing agency who offers video, graphics & web development services then you're in the perfect position to become the go-to agency for interactive video.

If you're looking to stand above the crowd, this is the way.

The TouchPoint platform provides you with a fabulous opportunity to increase your suite of offerings as well as benefit from different teams working together.

Production team create the video and the web team add the interactivity. Your client receives a powerful web video with perfectly timed CTA's that viewers are inspired to act on.

How often do your web and video teams work together? In many agencies it's not that often. Creative produce a video. Web embed it on the site.

With TouchPoint, these teams get to work together more closely and have fun creating something special. It's an excellent way to build team rapport throughout the company.

TouchPoint videos don't just add interactivity in the video - they can also communicate with the parent document.

This is a truly unique and powerful feature you won't find anywhere else. Imagine a video that can add a product to your shopping cart. How many more sales will that inspire? To see an example of the video hotspots interacting with a website test this demo out here.

Or click this video ->

Drag n Drop

You'll find the drag n drop UI is fast and easy to use. Wizards step you through progressively revealing the full UI. It can take just 5 to 30 minutes to create an interactive video. Even a complex one.

What use to take hours to code now takes just minutes with no coding required

TouchPoint releases your creativity to do what it does best

Create powerful user experiences

Wizards Reveal The Full UI

You can even import your
videos from YouTube

Your Dashboard provides quick access to all your projects

Dashboard buttons

- View production
- Edit project
- Clone project
- Embed code
- Publish/unpublish
- Delete project
- Test landing pages
- Include code (GA, style, js, etc)
- Sticky note about project
- Video Meeting (eta - May)

Let's get started! Create a free account and explore the platform.

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free 30 day trial
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Sandbox hotspots
Public hotspots
1 (can unlock more)
3 (can unlock more)
Text Hotspot
Button Hotspot
Image Hotspot
Invisible Mask Hotspot
Logo Branding
Add Custom Code
Lockin contract
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