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Touchpoint is available to everyone.
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Do you want to know how people are responding to your video content?
TouchPoint analytics can tell you!

They can reveal:

  1. who watched
  2. what they watched
  3. how long they watched
  4. when they were focused
  5. when they lost interest
  6. what they clicked
  7. ...and more

And they can notify you as soon as it happens

Having this knowlege allows companies to make improvements where they will be most effective. When you know visitors stop watching after 22 seconds you can analyze why and make changes.

TouchPoint Analytics are just one of the great business features the platform offers to help businesses get the outcomes they are looking for. Businesses love TouchPoint just for the analytics. But that's just the beginning.

Do more with your video content

This video is interactive

Generate for more sales, leads
and brand recognition today

With Interactive Video

TouchPoint is a desktop platform. Visit this page on a laptop or desktop and you will be able to sign up or login.

Present website videos in a player designed for business

Whether you're a full service digital agency, inhouse marketing team or a freelance web designer or videographer; you will love TouchPoint Video.

YouTube and TouchPoint side by side

Add interactivity to your social media posts and ads

Social media posts and ads are made all the more powerful when integrating interactivity into them. By creating an interactive video for mobile that captures leads and sales you'll increase engagement and get better results!

Simply include a QR code in your social media post or ad that opens it. Contact us for a deep dive.

Built for B2C Marketing and eCom

TouchPoint is a desktop app that provides fun, engaging and productive ways for viewers to interact with your video content.

It also offers an unprecedented level of customization with all facets of the player being able to be changed and custom code and styling options for interactive content able to be included.

Anyone can build interactive videos, we can do it for you or we can introduce you to individuals and companies who specialize in the TouchPoint platform.

If you specialize in our platform let us know so we can recommend you.

        Players Compared
Logo in player
Logo in controlbar
Branded progressbar
Website communication
Add custom code
Interactive hotspots


TouchPoint is 100% white label. You can embed your logo and use your brand style guide so the player fits in exactly with the webpage.

TouchPoint also comes with the best price point possible. FREE. There are Pro and Agency plans available for power users but anyone can use it at no cost.

The difference in plans is also quite simple. 1 interactive hotspot in the Free plan is active. 3 hotspots in the Pro plan are active and all hotspots in the Agency plan are active.

Free and Pro plans can also unlock hotspots for individual videos on a case by case basis.

After you create your free account you can upgrade your membership anytime you desire. Once inside click Dashboard > Account > Change Plan.

Increase Productivity

Replace product images with interactive
videos to improve the buyer journey

slow buyer journey
Customer clicks a picture on the homepage

Home > Product page > Add to cart > Checkout
Click play ->

fast buyer journey
Customer plays a video on the homepage

Home > Checkout

While other interactive video platforms and software present videos in a popup lightbox, TouchPoint videos can work wherever you place them on the page. There's no disruption or additional clicks required.

From a video you can:

  1. Add products to a website shopping cart
  2. Streamline the buyer journey
  3. Introduce strategic offers
  4. Increase brand recognition
  5. Enable story branching
  6. Embed custom content
  7. Brand the player

It's easy to add a variety of interactive hotspots and drag them into place.


Buttons are hot and can be styled with css

Text can be hot or decorative (not hot). HTML content can also be added into this area

Images are hot and can be dragged into position

Masks are hot and invisible. They can be placed over a part of the video (IE over a logo or button that's baked into the video)


TouchPoint sets up 5 types of hotspot actions from the Link dropdown menu.

  1. 1. Webpage Link
  2. 2. Jump to a point in the Timeline
  3. 3. Call a function in the Parent
  4. 4. Link to an Email address
  5. 5. Link to a Phone number

The inspector UI changes depending on your selection.

While links can be defined in the textbox next to the dropmenu they are reformatted into click handlers. The binoculars reveal the click handler above the hotspot buttons which you can edit. You can append other event handlers like onmouseover, onblur, etc in this area.

You can also create your own functions by adding them in the Global Include Code section and calling them from the click handler.

TouchPoint provides high level control for web designers and developers to include custom features, componants and 3rd party libraries.

The player is based on VideoJS and is customisable by modifying the css classes. jQuery is also built in so its library of functions can be accessed.

Use the links to your files or upload them

Create unique presentations like interactive CV's

TouchPoint provides agencies with a fabulous opportunity for different teams to work together.

How often do your web and video teams work together? In many agencies it's not that often. Creative produce a video. Web embed it on the site.

With TouchPoint, these teams get to work together more closely and have fun creating something special. It's an excellent way to build team rapport throughout the company.

Connect to your website

TouchPoint videos don't just add interactivity in the video - they can call external functions in the parent document.

This is a powerful feature. Imagine a video that can add a product to your shopping cart. How many more sales will that inspire? To see an example of the video hotspots interacting with a website test this demo out here.

Or watch this video

Drag n Drop

You'll find the drag n drop UI is fast and easy to use. Wizards step you through progressively revealing the full UI. It can take just 5 to 30 minutes to create an interactive video. Even a complex one.

Videos don't need to be limited to eCom website videos. You can create interactive background videos and as they work on mobile you can build interactive mobile business cards, birthday cards, resumes and more. They're even used to help help teams troubleshoot website issues. Make a screen recording of the bug, upload it to the platform and add annotations that provide more information.

What use to take hours to code now can take just minutes

You can also import video settings
from YouTube and Rumble

Your Dashboard provides quick
access to all your projects

Dashboard buttons

- View video
- Edit project
- Clone project
- Embed code
- Publish/unpublish
- Delete project
- Test landing pages
- Include code (GA, style, js, html)
- Sticky note about project
- Video Meeting (using Whereby)

Test Pages for Showcasing

Another excellent feature is the ability to present an interactive video in a mockup of the page it's intended to reside in.

Enter the URL & TouchPoint creates a mockup and embeds the interactive video at the base of the page.

It's a WYSIWYG environment, like editing a Word document. You cut the video from the base of the page and paste it where you want it to go. Then save it and share the link with internal stakeholders and the client.

Agencies and Designers

TouchPoint allows you to present ideas to a client in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination. They literally get a preview of how it will look in their page before it's embedded in the page.

It can also be used as an effective prospecting asset that will help you sign up new business. Businesses who embed YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and other platform videos in their websites are ideal prospects.

Ready to get started? Create a free account and explore the platform.

There's a detailed Help file describing all the platform features in the program.

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